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New Jersey Personal Injury Attorneys

Protecting the interests of our clients, while allowing them to focus on their healing. Assuring clients that their suffering will be understood and shared by compassionate advocates. Accident reconstruction and expert associates to present a client’s claim in a professional and compelling manner.

Your health becomes your exclusive focus as we take care of all the legal details.

From negotiation through litigation, our focus is a result designed to remediate your pain to the extent possible for the physical and emotional components of your loss.

An army of medical experts and investigators is available to us, together with a staff dedicated to obtaining compensation for the totality of your loss.

Mr. Damian was a “Sherlock Holmes” fan and his office followed that motif 20 years before the current wave of this character’s popularity.

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Join our legal family. You will always receive a warm welcome home. No matter what the problem is, a new and secure personal and business relationship will be the Happy Ending.