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New Jersey Family Law Attorneys

Before mediation and arbitration were the vogue buzz words, our firm was dedicated to resolving divorce, custody, visitation, and support issues in a rapid and compassionate matter. Our solutions are designed to minimize the emotional and financial damage and to ensure that previously negotiated agreements between the marital parties remain resolved. We have recognized that the parties should be afforded the opportunity to move on with their lives in a dignified manner.

Mr. Damian was a voluntary panel mediator in Passaic County Superior Court.

In a family law dispute, the personal relationship with the attorney is a critical component; simply said, we must have chemistry to work together. We will always be professional and honest in assessing our compatibility. It is difficult to share intimate details of your life with someone who does not fit your emotional, intellectual and, at times, moral persona. We are professionals who personalize our clients’ matters and know the fine line between advocate and counselor.

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Join our legal family. You will always receive a warm welcome home. No matter what the problem is, a new and secure personal and business relationship will be the Happy Ending.