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LegalMatch Review: How LegalMatch Works for My Practice

As an attorney who began a private law practice in 1979, fresh out of law school, and without any discernable client base, advertising was a necessity.

I was the object of scorn when I placed the first Yellow Pages telephone book business card size advertisement in my local county directory. My older colleagues were quick to ridicule anyone who thought that the general public would choose an attorney from a telephone book. Within a few years, I was fighting for a prominent position in the costly full page advertisements that those same peers were placing in the telephone directory.

Change comes slowly to an old and established profession, particularly one built on the brick-by-brick adherence to the concept of precedence.

When I purchased one of the first wet paper facsimile machines, I proceeded to contact my fellow attorneys touting this game changing device, particularly for a business so reliant on communication. Almost without exception, the response was “Sounds great Charlie, but since no one else has a fax machine, who will we be faxing documents to, other than you?”

Undaunted, we ventured into the pricey IBM Selectric Memory Typewriter, the precursor to the word processor, enabling us to store large volumes of boiler plate material. My attorney fellows bristled at the cost of such a luxury item and were quick to advise me: “That is why God made secretaries!”

Fast forward to 2010, when LegalMatch contacted my office. I was initially skeptical. Amid my successful past marketing/operating maneuvers, there were also some notable failures and missteps (such as the bright yellow vinyl telephone book cover and the television advertisement that was mangled and poorly edited). I was also besieged by various and sundry marketing schemes by an infinite number of internet entities.

There was something intriguing about LegalMatch, and their dignified and detailed approach to the advertising services for attorneys that captured my attention. The LegalMatch marketing representative had as many questions about our office approach to our areas of practice, the quality of our services, and our levels of experience and expertise, as I did about the market penetration and cost effectiveness of the LegalMatch marketing plan. In summary, LegalMatch was a business with a social conscience.

I subscribed to the Real Estate category of LegalMatch advertising; this subscription has now expanded into several other areas of the law. This advertising has resulted in the growth of my business, and diversification of my legal interests. This, in turn, has provided employment opportunities for additional associate attorneys, paralegals, and interns.

Integrity, effectiveness, and a direct positive return on advertising dollars are the essential components of LegalMatch.

I relish the part of my business day that is devoted to responding to the new LegalMatch inquiries. There is an element of immediate personal communication between prospective clients and attorneys that is unique to the LegalMatch protocol. LegalMatch has been my “matchmaker” augmenting our client base and expanding our staff. I am so very grateful that our business paths have crossed.

-Charles Michael Damian

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