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New Jersey Civil Litigation Attorneys

All types of legal or equitable claims, including a realistic analysis of your cause of action, costs of litigation, and prospects of recovery.

Attention to detail, exhausting all discovery tools (Interrogatories, Notice to Produce Documents, Request for Admissions, depositions, and independent investigators, when warranted) is the difference.

We assess your case, transpose places with our adversary, and counsel good business decisions based on cost, equity, and probability of success.

Every case has two basic components: Liability (what did the other party do wrong?) and Damages (what did you lose as a direct or proximate result of the liability?). We are business realists and, as ambassadors or advocates, we will always proceed with a professional bearing.

Join our legal family. You will always receive a warm welcome home. No matter what the problem is, a new and secure personal and business relationship will be the Happy Ending.