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Foreclosure: An Opportunity to Breathe Underwater?

During the worst of the decline in the real estate market, it was estimated that over 80% of the New Jersey properties purchased during the boom market were “underwater” [the owner/mortgage borrower owed more to their mortgage lender than the market value of their home].   The evaporation of real estate home owner equity, coupled with the general downturn in the economy spurred legal preservation protocols, and a flurry of | Read More

Defendant’s POV – I Was Just Served With a Summons and Complaint (Part One)

Imagine the scene – you are sitting at your kitchen table with a paper that reads “Summons” stapled on top of a packet entitled “Complaint.” You are nervous, mad, confused, anxious, and lost. The papers have “Superior Court of New Jersey”  written on them, with words like “Civil Action” and “Law Division.” What happens now? Am I in trouble? First, lets decipher the legalese and get to the bottom of | Read More

LegalMatch Review: How LegalMatch Works for My Practice

As an attorney who began a private law practice in 1979, fresh out of law school, and without any discernable client base, advertising was a necessity. I was the object of scorn when I placed the first Yellow Pages telephone book business card size advertisement in my local county directory. My older colleagues were quick to ridicule anyone who thought that the general public would choose an attorney from a | Read More

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